We are pleased to announce that Canadiana Products inc. now part of the Imperial family Snacking Equipment.

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For its clientele, Imperial Snacking Equipment embodies a new model of integrated services, oriented towards product diversity and professional services, as well as innovation.  Our team of dedicated employees contribute…

Our services

A taste that really gets all the attention!

Popcorn and cotton candy.  Slush and frozen delicacies.  Chips, chocolate and other confectioneries... Our incredible choice of candy is definitely «heavenly fresh»!  It shows off several aspects of its personality: colors, variety, quality and profitability; all of them offered in various sizes, in order to constantly meet and even exceed our clients' needs and expectations. 

Imperial Snacking Equipment has always been proficient in coordinating its production with the market demand. Our most complete catalog enables us to provide our clientele with a continuous supply, doubled with an unparalleled conformity/quality-control program.

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Come and visit our showroom!  You will be in a position to see that we really put all our heart into it.  You will definitely be held spellbound by your fun food supplier.



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