For its clientele, Imperial Snacking Equipment embodies a new model of integrated services, oriented towards product diversity and professional services, as well as innovation.  Our team of dedicated employees contribute to the development of your business and build strong long-term business relationships with the clients.

Our sound expertise enables us to follow our clients at all times, on each step of the transaction (24 hours a day / 7 days a week).  Always aiming at meeting the needs of the most demanding clientele of our sector of activity, Imperial Snacking Equipment has also implemented the following services:

  • Order desk
  • Order boost services (weekly or monthly)
  • Training programs

The matchless execution of our services, as well as their efficiency, will make you save time.... with us as your partner, the management of your «fun food» areas will become easier than ever before!


«Fun food» areas

The implementation and operation of a «fun food» area implies some inescapable steps.  Imperial Snacking Equipment carries out these stages for you, and ensures the best quality of service on the market.

Space analysis and design

At Imperial Snacking Equipment, we strongly believe that ergonomics and space design truly have the power to significantly help you in reaching higher sales figures and in generating the best equation ever between your clients and your staff.  Let us give you our input and advice in view of developing a very dynamic relationship that combines hands-on experience and marketing strategy.


Our multidisciplinary expertise enables us to provide you with the best advice about the choice of your equipment.  Following a rigorous analysis of the premises, we will suggest the most suitable equipment, in accordance with the technical specifications given and the client's specific needs.

Product distribution

Imperial Snacking Equipment constantly aims at pleasing its clients to the fullest.  Whatever the scope of your needs, we will be pleased to take it into account.  And the fact of using the same supplier for all your products and services will undoubtedly make your company much easier to manage!


According to your timetable and sector.

By supervising the delivery of its product to its client’s place of business, Imperial Snacking Equipment becomes responsible for its flawless performance, and thus guarantees the continuous supply of the selected products.  As a leader of our industry, we never leave anything to chance.

Customer service

Our mobile support technicians are available at all times, 7 days a week.  Should one of your pieces of equipment break, we will ensure the repairs in the shortest delays... and this, even if your equipment has been purchased from the competition.  By quickly sorting out any technical problem, you will avoid the negative impact on your sales.

Order Desk

Administrative management and organization are mandatory steps of business development.  However, this can prove to be quite painstaking for some of our clients.  Don't let your orders and purchases to chance!  Imperial Snacking Equipment has implemented a comprehensive order desk in order to make your purchasing procedures easier.  Contact us by phone at 450-473-4015 or reach us by e-mail, at 4FQ.I3GTQS3ARSGLYD4G@AYP3S44FQ_encrypted_@

Training programs

After your acquisition of brand-new equipment, a member of our team may come and visit you, in order to provide the new users with the appropriate training.  The implementation and operation of your newly-installed areas will then be much quicker and optimal.  Time saving can be so simple and easy, with a minimum of learning and guidance!

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